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Meet Superfan Rob Kinas

Rob Kinas, a 12 year Mantle Cell Lymphoma survivor, brought his Cancer Research Racquet outreach program to the WTA Finals. Learn more about his efforts to bring more awareness to cancer research through tennis here.

Rob Kinas traveled from Las Vegas to Singapore to help spread awareness about his organizaiton, Cancer Research Racquet. "We are a grassroots group that has a designated bank account with the American Cancer Society in Atlanta, Georgia.  When members of our group donate to the cancer research effort, their donations go to the American Cancer Society, ACS provides the charitable donation receipt to them and 100% goes to fund our group’s cancer research efforts.  The “Donate” button on our website actually takes donors to a dedicated page on the ACS server.  Presently, CRR funds one cancer research grant a year."

Where are you from and how old are you?
I am a 28 year commercial bankruptcy lawyer with Snell & Wilmer who lives in Las Vegas, Nevada, the Entertainment Capital of the World, so I am told.  I am 54 years old, a 12 year Mantle Cell Lymphoma survivor, a 5.0+ doubles specialist who rocks with all original parts (i.e. no rebuilt rotators, elbows, hips, knees, back etc).

Why have you decide to come to Singapore for the WTA Finals?
Cancer Research Racquet (“CRR”) is an inclusive group of 11,000+ business professionals (ie lawyers, bankers, doctors, financial advisors, accountants etc) who love the game of tennis but who also care about advancing cancer research.  Many are cancer survivors like me or care givers to friends and family who have been affected by the disease.  Presently, CRR hosts dozens of events in the United States (including at the US Open, Indian Wells, Miami, San Fran, Las Vegas & Atlanta) and dozens in the UK & EU (including the French Open, Wimbledon, Hurlingham, Dublin, Edinburgh & Pula).  When the WTA committed to a long-term major presence in the Asia-Pacific region by bringing the WTA Finals to Singapore, CRR then had a reason to reach out to friends in the Asia-Pacific region who cared about advancing cancer research and to explore with them growing our group and our events in the region over the upcoming years just as we did in the States, UK & EU.  We will be doing lots of brainstorming at the WTA Finals this year in hopes of expanding the group and its participation in 2016.

What are you most looking forward to experiencing here?
Of course, we will completely enjoy the tennis.  But we will also be looking at the additional experiences offered by the WTA Finals and the city of Singapore which will allow people from our group to connect, share and brainstorm during their stay.  The hoped for results are – (1) to enjoy the tennis and to support the amazing players and (2) to see how our guests can work together to fund more cancer research grants.  To date, our group has funded four cancer research grants through the American Cancer Society’s Pay-if program.  Our group’s Cancer Research Rock Stars, as we call them, are on the website –  

Who is your favourite player and tell us some of your predictions for the WTA Finals?
As a doubles specialist, I will be rooting for Abigail Spears and Raquel Kops-Jones.  I love how they serve and volley, close the net and crush overheads.  I will also be quietly rooting for Martina Hingis as she has the softest hands.  Her incredible touch at the net when she volleys which is inspirational