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Top 8 Innovative Workouts

Try these unique but effective workouts that are sure to burn a tonne of calories

Why sign up for another run-of-the-mill gym session when you can sweat it out in these cool, alternative ways? Head to these workout spaces and get #fitspo minus the grind

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Hot Yoga

The name of this workout suggests that this is not the kind of yoga that will leave you feeling all ‘zen’ and relaxed. Expect to be drenched in sweat by the end of the hour-long session as it is conducted in a room that is heated to sweltering temperatures. Avid yoga-lovers will love the challenge of stretching through the yoga poses, while breathing exercises will keep you focused – you’ll feel proud and accomplished that you hung on by the end of the class.

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AMPED Trampoline Park

With over 5000 square feet of interlinked trampolines in its premises, you’ll get a kick out of the pioneer of trampoline parks in Singapore: AMPED. Bouncing on trampolines is reputed to be one of the best forms of cardio (68 per cent more effective than running, even), so get a good workout in as you compete with your friends on who can jump higher or do all those mid-air splits. If that doesn’t reveal a clear winner, put your ‘bounce chops’ to the test with basketball dunking courts, dodge ball arenas and climbing walls.

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Bolly Zumba

Take it up a notch from regular Zumba with Bolly Zumba, where you can shimmy along to energetic, authentic Bollywood dance steps. This is no tame ‘dancing around-coconut-trees’ kind of deal, you’ll be in for an intense session which will get you shaking those hips vigorously – with a smile on your face while you’re at it. The little ones can also get in on the action with Kids Bolly Dancing classes for children aged 5 to 11.

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Surfset Singapore

Riding on beach waves along the Hawaiian coast seems like a fantasy to many, but what if you could make that a reality in sunny Singapore? Well, Surfset Singapore allows you do just that with its workout routines that simulate balancing on a surfboard. In just 45 minutes, you’ll squeeze in aerobic fat burning, lean muscle building, balance and even core training. Plus, learn some surf-inspired moves such as paddling, duck-diving and the pop-up maneuver while you’re at it – you can almost imagine the beach breeze and crashing waves as you sweat it out.

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Onsight Climbing Gym

Get your climb on – rock climbing boasts a whole slew of benefits, ranging from strength training to cardio to toning those muscles. While looking up a towering slope might initially seem daunting, the thrill of reaching the top is incomparable. Take up the challenge at Onsight Climbing Gym, the biggest indoor gym in Singapore with bouldering surfaces, over a 100 routes and a 15-metre speed climbing wall. Sign up for some courses or receive personalized coaching, too, to find out how you can scale new heights.

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Let out all that pent-up frustration by drumming to the beats of pounding music. At Poundfit Singapore, you’ll be able to hone your drumming skills while burning up some calories (up to 900) in this one-hour-long group fitness class. The rhythm strategically distracts you from the workout’s intensity – you’ll find yourself toned and lean after the workout that encompasses cardio, conditioning and strength training with yoga and pilates-inspired movements. Plus, improve on timing, coordination and musicality as you rock out to the headbanging beats – it’s never too late to realize those band dreams.

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HIIT at Ritual Gym

This is one acronym that hardcore exercise junkies and busy bunnies adore. High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is a power-packed routine that will leave you aching for days despite its short length. Head to Ritual Gym which specialises in this workout form - don’t expect to find treadmills or bikes here. Rather, you’ll be surrounded by kettlebells, suspension ropes and dumbbells at your personal ‘square’ (workout area) to get your heart rate up. Time-efficient and highly challenging, you’ll get a full-body workout with a slew of squats, push-ups, deadlifts, burpees – all to the beat of booming music. For those looking to build some gains, you can also help yourself to protein shakes at the gym’s ‘fuel bar’.

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Article from Time Out Singapore