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Tennis Stars and Their Nutrition

As the tennis season ramps up, players have to ensure they are in the best state of mind and health for optimum performance. It is crucial that players have proper nutrition so that they have ample energy on and off the court. Check out some of their diet here!

1. Venus & Serena Williams

The Williams sisters have been a dominant force over the past 17 years, and many would be curious about their diets. During the season, the sisters adopt a raw vegan diet to match their vigorous training routines -- the only exceptions to this diet are when they occasionally indulge in cooked fish or chicken to celebrate. Their diet laden with protein and complex carbohydrates fuels their bodies for practice and competition. Both sisters enjoy fruit and kale smoothies mixed with protein powder as a supplement for muscle recovery. Their diet remains clean, healthy and nutritious as they dominate the courts. Of course, just like many others, the sisters do indulge in their favourite snacks. Venus enjoys popcorn with salt, pepper and truffle oil while Serena finds comfort in Southern foods.

The sisters enjoy tacos like most people do


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They are huge fans of juices and smoothies to kick start their day.


Starting the morning with tennis, fitness, and healthy goodness to feel the day! #tennis #fitness #health

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Venus Williams maintains a healthy diet to give her energy on and off court


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2. Garbiñe Muguruza

The bright-eyed star sticks mainly to a healthy diet with no rich sauces or high fat foods. Complex carbohydrates such as rice, wholemeal bread and other whole grains play a large part in boosting her energy levels both on and off court. She has taken a liking to red fruits such as strawberries and pays attention to staying hydrated. Her nutritionists also encourage her to consume superfoods such as Moringa, and green vegetables high in nutrients. She loves cooking, and enjoys making desserts -- like many others, she has a soft spot for sweet treats.

She loves cooking and baking, and is proud of her creations.


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But she goes back to healthy foods such as salads for fuel.


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4. Samantha Stosur

The US Open 2011 champion has a down to earth, realistic point of view when it comes to eating and nutrition. She believes in using the opportunity of travel to taste diverse  cuisines and has a strong inclination towards Japanese and Indian food. She advocates having a good balance and an open mind to foods, eating everything in moderation. From pasta and chocolates to sushi,  Stosur picks and chooses what she enjoys to fuel herself daily. Exercise and calculated eating gives her a good balance between nutritional well-being and satisfaction for her taste buds. However, she claims that she cannot start her day without a good cup of coffee.

Ice-cream makes everyone smile - and that is no exception for Stosur.


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She fuels up with healthy greens and extra virgin olive oil for meals

There you have it! Tennis stars undergo intense trainings to chase their dreams, but they ultimately still believe in having a balanced diet that keeps them happy and energetic to perform at their  best. As they prepare themselves to conquer more matches on the Road to Singapore, check out the updates on the RTS Leaderboard for exciting news. You can also catch the upcoming BNP Paribas WTA Finals Singapore presented by SC Global 2016 LIVE, where the greatest 8 in women’s tennis will compete at the highest level for the championship title. Purchase your tickets at! OCBC Cardmembers and Starhub customers stand to enjoy 5% off Single Session Tickets!